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‘SoNet’- natural sorbent

for oil products

Own production, wholesale supply and
“just-in-time” delivery worldwide

Special price until 2015/01/07 – 2 $/kg

‘SoNet’ natural sorbent is used

for the collection and recovery

of the organic pollutants (oil, gasoline,

fuel oil, kerosene, paint, etc.) from

the liquid and solid surfaces.

For more than 15 years we have

made from deep-seated peat under certified

been producing natural sorbents

technology in the Republic of Belarus

- the country with the world's

largest reserves of peat per capita.

In terms of the price-quality ratio, our

product is the “best-in-class”, which has

been confirmed by numerous certificates

and successful application of "SoNet"

sorbent for elimination of emergency

and industrial oil spills

in 9 countries on 3 continents.

Key advantages of “SoNet” sorbent

Prompt delivery to
any destination

For customers, dealers and resellers

Unsurpassed technical

The possibility of applying the sorbent

Efficient utilization and

Flexible approach to price formation and unprecedented cooperation conditions

characteristics and

directly on the oil spill without using booms (slick bars), which significantly simplifies the application and reduces the cost

possibility of

complete environmental safety

secondary use

Sorption capacity, floating time on the liquid surface, the rate of absorption on a solid surface (confirmed by international certificates and the real life application experience),
complete destruction of oil products during the disposal on landfills

As fuel for CHP and mini-CHP power plants, as well as a plasticizer in road construction



Thanks to high-quality raw materials and uniqueprocessing technology








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How it works

The highest quality of “SoNet” has been

confirmed by international certificates

Our product is highly recommended
by well-known top
companies in the oil industry

авария, в результате которой на поверхность Черного моря разлилось 2000 тонн сырой нефти.

     Первоначально для ликвидации разлива наши сотрудники попробовали использовать широко

известный сорбент канадского производства. Однако на практике, из-за плохих погодных условий


(сильного ветра и волнения на море), значительной площади образовавшегося разлива и малой

плавучести канадского сорбента, пятно нефти плохо поддавалось ликвидации. Для устранения

сложившейся проблемы в срочном порядке был заказан белорусский торфяной сорбент «СоНет»

A.I. Zhirov, Director

 (в то время распространялся под торговой маркой «БелНефтеСорб»).

     Благодаря оперативной доставке авиатранспортом, уже на 2-й день после заказа (при том, что

Official letter

Минск и Новороссийск разделяют почти 2000 км) мы смогли приступить к ликвидации нашего

разлива с помощью сорбента «СоНет». Белорусский сорбент зарекомендовал себя как

качественный продукт с высокой скоростью сорбции, отличной плавучестью и удобным

применением. Распыление проводилось с помощью вертолета с воздуха . БОН’ы для фиксации

пятна не потребовались, так как «СоНет» удерживал связанную нефть в пределах пятна


     Разлив был ликвидирован в течение нескольких суток, несмотря на значительную площадь и

повышенную ветреность в квадрате загрязнения. Использованный сорбент, по согласованию с

администрацией города, был безопасно утилизирован на свалке.

     Выражаем благодарность разработчикам и производителю сорбента «СоНет» и рекомендуем

его в качестве эффективного средства для ликвидации экологических катастроф.

development of the most efficient and cost-effective means and methods to purify

Artilleriyskaya str., 8,

water and soil, contaminated with oil products. We believe that the most promisingtechnology

for the oil spill response isthe clean-up operation of the contaminated

area using sorbents with further disposal or secondary use.

N. A. Demyanenko

     During the exploration of sorbents represented on themarkets of the Republic of Belarus and the

Russian Federation, our specialistsidentified several manufacturers whose products combine

Official letter

the best technical characteristics and low cost. In terms of productivity,

sustainability and affordabilitynatural sorbents,made fromvarious types

of peat and moss, turned out to be the leaders.

     “SoNet” - the sorbent of Belarusian origin made from deep-seated peat – proved itself asan

undisputed leader in this category.

     During the studies "SoNet" showed the best rate of sorption on the liquid and solid surfaces

amongst thesimilar products, as well as the greatest absorbencyif used in soil.

In conjunction with a high destruction capacity of oil products and low cost of the product application,

"SoNet" can be recommended as the most effective product for

eliminating of oil and oil products spills, as well as for cleaning of contaminated areas.

    In May 1997 an accident occurred at the oil depot of our "Sheskharis" organization located in Novorossiysk.As a result of which 2,000 tons of crude oilhad been spilled on the surface of the Black Sea.
Initially, for the oil spill response operation, our team of specialists tried to use a well-known Canadian sorbent. However, in practice, due to bad weather conditions (strong wind and rough sea), a significant area of the spill and low buoyancy ofthe Canadian sorbent, the oil slick could not be properly eliminated.
    The Belarusian "SoNet" peat sorbent (formerly distributed under the BelNefteSorb name) was commissioned to solve the problem urgently.Thanks to the prompt delivery by air, on the 2nd day after the submitted order (taking into account that Minsk is almost 2000 km away from Novorossiysk) we were able to proceed with the liquidation of our oil spill using the "SoNet" sorbent. Belarusian sorbent has proved itself as a quality product with high rate of sorption, excellent buoyancy and convenient application. Aerial spraying was performed from the helicopter. The "SoNet" sorbent independently held the bounded oil within the spill, so we didn’t even have to use booms. The spill was eliminated within several days, despiteits size and increased windiness in thearea of pollution. By the agreement of the city authorities, the used sorbent had been safely disposed of in a landfill.
    We would like to express our gratitude to the developers and the manufacturer of the "SoNet" sorbent.We highly recommend this product as an effective treatmentfor the elimination of environmental disasters.

     Our specialists have long been engaged in the exploration and

Krasnodar Krai, Russia

Gomel, the Republic of Belarus,

SoNet" has successfully purified 50,000 m2 of water and land for the last 3 years!

This means thousands of animals, fishes and birds have been saved!

And this assures a clean sea, fertile soil and the environmental safety of our precious planet!

Our sorbent is successfully used in Europe,

Africa and China!

We are proud of that the Belarusian product

is gaining a worldwide recognition,

thanks to its high quality, fair price and our friendly

cooperation conditions.

Working with us is fruitful,

eco-friendly and pleasant!

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